An original interpretation of my favorite weed rap. All lyrics belong to Cypress Hill, all instruments / sounds performed and recorded by Polar Bear Cavalry.
Breakbeats make everything better.



welp… the PA system that i used for the astroskeleton show tonight was really bad and couldn’t handle my famitracker/abelton render, and then my guitar was glitching out. i had to quit playing after 2 songs and pack up. it was super embarrassing, but oh well. i can’t give up. 

it just really sucked because i spent months of programming, mixing, mastering, practicing, and arranging for this show and it all fell apart on me. i’ll get it next time ;_;

To be fair, I was rocking the fuck out during all the bits where the PA wasn’t being intermittent. Astroskeleton is best Corvallis chiptune. The club literally couldn’t handle him tonight.